Hot Shots Calendar 2015 | Behind The Scenes | 29th May 2014

Find all pictures of Rosie from Hot Shots Calendars here.
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Rosie with Kelly Hall, Daisy Watts, Zienna Eve, Cindy Prado, Lauren Rhodes and Jessica Davies in behind the scenes pics from Hot Shots Calendar 2015 shooting beginning on 29th May 2014. Pics 1, and 9 sized at 640px x 640px. Pic 2 sized at 2048px x 1536px. Pics 3, 18 and 21 sized at 2048px x 1366px. Pics 4, 7 and 10 sized at 600px x 800px. Pic 5 sized at 609px x 960px. Pics 6, 14 and 20 sized at 960px x 720px. Pic 8 sized at 584px x 584px. Pics 13 and 23 sized at 960px x 640px. Pic 15 sized at 960px x 677px. Pic 16 sized at 600px x 600px. Pic 17 sized at 540px x 540px. Pic 19 sized at 852px x 640px. Pics 25 and 26 sized at 1476px x 1476px. All other pics sized at 960px x 960px.

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